@FUMCLGOK Advent Shenanigans

@FUMCLGOK Advent Shenanigans. As Pastor Matt Talked about yesterday in Church.

1.We have a list of about 62 children in the Locust Grove Elementary School who need a new coat. You can come to the church and sign up to purchase a certain child a coat or you can send money. Any way or amount helps.

You can also bring the coats by for the Locust Grove Children anytime during office hours or bring them to worship. I am hoping that by December 14th we have every child on our list taken care of.

2. The McFarlin UMC Coat Pantry needs used clean coats, and since they did such a great job painting Locust Grove First United Methodist Church we can return the favor by bringing your used clean coats that you have taking up space in your closet up to @fumclgok and Pastor Matt will make sure that the used clean coats make their way down to McFarlin to help them meet their needs.

This week the office is only open Monday and Tuesday. Pastor Matt and family is heading that way to be with family Wednesday morning and would love to take a car load of coats to McFarlin. Then we will be going back to Norman late December and you still can bring coats up until Christmas Eve.