A note about the current refugee crisis

Dear Conference Clergy and Churches:

In response to the current refugee crisis in Europe – and the realization that this involves more than one nation and one area of conflict – the Office of Mission is convening a Refugee Task Force to explore how we can be most effective and helpful in responding to this situation.

We are in the early stages of exploring the scope of the problem, what is already being done (especially by our own denomination), and how we can best move into this area of need.

Right now, we need people willing to help with the research and information gathering. Then, we will look at shaping a ministry response, raising awareness and calling for participation from our churches.

If you are interested in any way, have information to share, or have questions, please respond to Pastor Becky Pierson either by telephone (720.255-4943) or e-mail (Becky.Pierson.4@gmail.com). You can also message Becky through Facebook.

Whatever you response right now, I do ask every church to lift up this need to our churches in our corporate prayers and inviting our people to learn as much as they can about this global crisis.

Thank you for your commitment to serving God’s Kingdom!