The Marriage Course Survey

The Marriage Course, a unique and practical seven week course. The course is open to all married and cohabiting couples and covers many of the most challenging areas of marriage – money, communication, forgiveness, in-laws and sex. The course provides practical tools and advice to help any couple improve and strengthen their relationship.

The course was started in 1996 by Nicky and Sila Lee at Holy Trinity Brompton in London. The total number of courses running worldwide is now over 3000 – in addition to those run across the UK, 68 other countries also run courses.

Each week of the course starts with a chance for the couple to have a meal together. Then, there is a short talk on a specific subject, interspersed with film clips of couples sharing their own experiences and street interviews with people from around the world. The sessions feature regular breaks for the couple to chat about the topics. They sit at their own table and talk only to each other – there is never any group work. The topics covered include:

• Building Strong Foundations
• The Art of Communication
• Resolving Conflict
• The Power of Forgiveness
• Good Sex
• The Impact of Family – Past and Present
• Love in Action

All couples are welcome, whether they’ve been together for one year or sixty-one years, whether they are married or living together, and whether they consider themselves to have a strong relationship or are struggling. Although the course is based on Christian principles, its practical tools are applicable to all couples whether they are churchgoers or not.

I am hoping to start a course here the First Week of April. I am looking for the best evening to host. We will provide childcare if needed. If you are interested in helping with this ministry please contact Pastor Matt at (

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